Entertaining for a great cause!

August 30, 2012


Can our leadership class put on a party or what? I am a member of the 2012 Leadership Class as well as a local musician. I decided that I could both volunteer my time to play music at the Barnyard Bingo Night fundraiser for the Soil Born Farms Outdoor Classroom and provide my services for a silent auction item. It was my pleasure to support such an awesome project. I played guitar and sang at the beginning of the night, setting the tone (pun intended) for the fun evening ahead.


From my unique vantage point up on stage I could see excitement in the crowd as people came in the door, saw the 50 bottles of wine they could win, meandered through all the raffle and silent auction prizes, stopped at the bar and food setups, and sat down at their seats ready for some serious bingo game play! Adding some barnyard-inspired live music was just the icing on the cake. It was great to be able to show my fellow classmates what I could do, but also to support the awesome class project. Not to mention that our prizes promoted the awareness of our local cultural scene in Sacramento. We had prizes that included local artists, stage productions, culinary venues and musicians. I would do it again in a heartbeat…next year’s class, hit me up!

Rod Stinson

What’s In Your CSA Box?

August 23, 2012


Recognizing the little things. Appreciating a challenge. Making the most of what you have in front of you.

Ever since our Leadership Sacramento class spent the day at Next Door to B&L with an all-star lineup of “green” experts, I keep thinking about what Patrick Mulvaney termed the “mystery box.” It’s that shipment of produce that arrives at a restaurant or homeowner’s door once they sign up for a CSA—or community supported agriculture—program with a local farm like Soil Born.

Patrick said as a chef, it’s a pleasure to receive this bounty of seasonal produce. It affords him the opportunity to work with his B&L team to come up with something amazing to serve his guests, creating the week’s menu using every little resource found in that box. The joy is in the challenge of creating something brilliantly original and in the knowledge that the foods are perfectly fresh for that moment.

Me, I do not like surprises. And frankly, I can’t say that I am a #1 fan of all the vegetables out there. A CSA box would be wasted on me, but the appreciation for what it represents is there. I am someone who tries to take everything into consideration. While I love completing a project, I enjoy finding the synergy between all of the puzzle pieces, and making the most of resources at hand.

Where does this leave me, weeks since our class with Patrick, and in the aftermath of planning and executing a successful event with my Leadership Sacramento team to raise funds for the Outdoor Classroom at Soil Born?

The clear realization is that there is no “i” in Leadership Sacramento. Well, maybe there is a little letter there between the h and p. But beyond the obvious, I have come to see this leadership program is much grander than I ever imagined. The LS12 “mystery box” contains 35 individuals with a bounty of knowledge, dedication and enthusiasm. We have coordinated schedules. We have worked through countless problems. We have celebrated in a job well done.


August 20, 2012

I’m on the Fundraising and Event Planning team for the Leadership Sacramento 2012(LS12) Outdoor Classroom project. I signed up for this team to broaden my skill set – because I’m sooo not a fundraiser. I’m really glad I did as it’s pushing this borderline introvert to get out of my routine and connect with people.

 I’ve had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Metro Chamber leaders such as John Frisch, Martha Lofgren, and Greg Eldridge – very smart individuals. Recently, the Rancho Cordova Rotary Group was kind enough to let me make a presentation to them, which was especially rewarding because they had had just learned all about Soil Born Farms and had lots of relevant questions. Most importantly, this project has provided me with a reason to reconnect with my friends and colleagues. I’ve had lots of great conversations about the project, Soil Born Farms, Leadership Sacramento, and the “get to know your food/grow your groceries” movement.

Oh yeah, and my friends and I had a great time reconnecting while making pizzas with fresh California ingredients and learning about how important local ingredients are.

As one boy said at the Soil Born Farms, A Day on The Farm said, “I don’t just like it, I love it!”

Kim Carsell

This is not your Grandmother’s Bingo!

July 20, 2012

A group of us did a test run for our Barnyard Bingo event last week. We joined a very serious group of individuals at a normal Bingo night at Florin Bingo. It was intense – lots of very serious people ready to win. Bingo has really evolved since I last played. It’s no longer simply straight horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines; rather it has patterns like “Corner plus a Stamp” and “Crazy Y.”


Our group had a blast – and a few even won big money!  A big THANK YOU to Florin Road Bingo and the Leadership Sacramento team members who organized this. (Now the confession, yes, I did download a Bingo app after our visit.)

We are ready for YOU!

Join us on August 7 at Florin Creek Bingo. The Bingo hall will be closed to the general public, so it will be 350 of our colleagues, friends, and family – these will be supporters of Soil Born Farms, Leadership Sacramento, and the Sacramento Metro Chamber. We have a fabulous dinner planned for you. And there will be a bar, of course. One of our talented class mates will be playing live music for your enjoyment. There will be lots of time for eating, drinking, networking, and enjoying the collective company. We’ll have Bingo games to keep you entertained and to give away some very cool Bingo prizes. We’ll have both a silent and live auction to raise funds for the Outdoor Classroom. Personally, I’m pretty excited about some of the auction items that we have obtained custom tours, good eats, and free services, and so on!

Not a professional Bingoer? You’ll fit right in – we promise not to make it too strenuous!

Don’t miss out, buy your ticket today!

Kim Carsell

Choose to make a difference

July 10, 2012

At its very core, Soil Born Farms is about making a difference.

The 160-year old ranch that is now Soil Born Farms is an agricultural landmark that serves the community by growing food, mentoring youth/future farmers and teaching the community how to cook and garden. Its purpose is to create urban farms, preserve wild spaces, develop partnerships all while improving access to fresh produce throughout our community.

Leadership Sacramento 2012 is working hard to fundraise for the building of an Outdoor Classroom at Soil Born Farms that will ground events and serve the community.

I look forward to taking my sons to visit the outdoor classroom. I want them to understand what whole foods means and why living in the agriculture center of California is so very special.

My husband Pedar and I plant a small garden every year. Inspired by what I’ve learned from Soil Born Farms, this year I asked Pedar to build our sons their very own garden boxes.

I want them to make the connection with healthy food and where it is grown.

When my class began this project, the amount we needed to fundraise seemed so achievable, and now that we are halfway through July, I am beginning to worry. We need the Sacramento community to support this project!

Choose to make a difference, support the Outdoor Classroom at Soil Born Farms:

  1. Buy an engraved paver
  2. Become a sponsor
  3. Attend our Barnyard Bingo Night fundraiser
  4. Just donate what you can

Please join us on this journey toward a healthier Sacramento!

Nora Bruce